Friday, February 28, 2014

Computer games, threat for the future?

There is no minute that slots on computer rentals and café are vacated. I an n dire need to finish my home work. The place was filled with students that instead of entering the gates of wisdom and occupy their respective seats in the academe are molding and sharpening their expertise on different skills laid by games on computer arcades. Are these cyber sports considerably a threat for the future of the fair hope of our fatherland?
Most f the students nowadays will better choose to enter computer shop not for learning inside its vast library but to surf and battle with their online foes. As a proof, many students are caught in the act, in their school uniform attire, standing by and waiting for their turn over a crowd of pupils desiring to showcase their wit and proficiency in e-games.
And also an important thing we must take our focus on is the depreciating quality of students toward academics but progressing level on cyber games. It is true that it slowly engulfs our youth intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Computer games truly supplies satisfaction and entertainment youth could not help to resist and we could not set aside the fact that the new generation would better choose it than to face the boring and stressful life of a student, getting worse because of hard-time reviews, making home works, reading books, etc.
The fulfillment generated from those technologies continues to devour the youth from the things which are much more important; things that are essential for the future, in building their dreams.
In short, addiction with these games serves as an attempting threat for the construction of our youth’s future. It seizes the attention of their young minds away from the things that they must focus their eyes on. And this must not happen.

The parents and the schools hopefully must see the threat coming close to their children. I hope that it is not yet too late to refocus and to bring back the sympathy and interest of the youth that we often connoted as the fulfillment of the country’s aspiration in the near future.

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