Friday, February 28, 2014

Four Days is A-OK

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) had issued a recommendation on making the six days of school into four to ease traffic in Manila.
As a student, reduction of school days will always be ok but looking the stuff in its deeper perspective, the subtraction will cause multiple effects on different members of the society.
For us students, it will definitely give us extra days to rest and to get engaged with our other tasks and priorities, such as family, church and even to the community.
Our parents could have lesser burden on giving us allowances, one thing that is our disadvantage.
But on the other side, the roads may have been better being not congested by students who primarily consist the thoroughfares during schooldays. However, drivers of public utilities and mass transport may have lower income in that effect.
Professors and instructors may have also formulate adjustments on their teaching strategems adaptable for a shorter period of time.
 Student’s competency and learning may not be sacrificed that much but still, I don’t see the reduction of school days as the best solution for heavy traffic in the Metro.

Diminishing commuters could ease traffic congestion for some days but not the whole week. A firm and long-lasting solution could be the key to complete eradication of traffic and could give definite convenience to all.

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