Saturday, February 22, 2014

One Day, there is a dreamer

One day, there is a dreamer. He had dreamed to showcase his talent in front of the world. He had aimed to learn a skill different from the trend of the country he inhabited. He dreamed a dream extraordinaire for a Filipino youth.
Michael Christian Martinez, 17 could be the greatest dreamer as he competed alone in a sport like figure skating, a sport unusual for a Southeast Asian people.
In spite of lack in resources, in financial support and in help from the government, Martinez pursued a dream to glare and sway above an ice- skating rink that served as a stadium for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.
Having not bagged the gold from the tilt, Martinez was still renowned as the first Southeast Asia Figure skater in the Winter Olympics and was also cited by CNN and other world- based media organization as an “unlikely competitor from a country without snow”.
What Martinez had shown was what every Filipino youth must exhibit. And this is to dream high and to dream extraordinaire. Dreaming big for nothing is yet impossible. All Martinez’s goal was to set his foot on a world competition. He may not have won but the 19th place is not bad for a dreamer.
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Martinez is indeed a figure not just in skating but for every youth that before he caught the world’s attention, one day, there is a dreamer.

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