Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The oPRESSed Work

This week we are tasked to come up with our own 4- page newspaper, an activity we are going to get engaged with, probably, after college. Press work, it will be my second time to be prodded as the lay-out artist for a newspaper. And for the second time around, I feel so excited but tensioned because of time pressure.
Unlike the actual newspaper publishing, we are given ample yet strict deadline instead of the 24-hour work in professional media. One week is quite long but still short because of other priorities given by those ‘pa-major’ subjects.
As a student, this requirement is not just the sole activity we are going to accomplish. Actually, it just occupied a small piece of our college life.
As usual, we are going to cram on this one.
Making this project made me imagine of how hard it is to make an issue of a newspaper prompted me to wonder of how media publications issue quality papers every day. I can’t imagine of what sort of abracadabra its beat reporters had declaimed just to gather and write the content, of how its editors get paranoid on seeing their dummy sheet still half- fulfilled.
Newspaper is indeed a product of sweat and stress of every person behind it. Broadsheets and tabloids are the fruit of sleepless night and demanding days in order to just to produce an excellent paper delivered before our doors.

This training given to us is just a short glimpse on our future, a slight overview on the tomorrow that awaits us. And this is the oppressive work of the press people.

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