Friday, February 28, 2014

A Short While

And now I’m all alone again, sitting here beside this messy mattress. I had been here before and it seems like a short while when the last time I sat in here. It was in that dry vacation, I wonder what college looks like and now, a semester is near on coming to an end; vacation is approaching. I’m here again, here beside the exact mattress, and yet, it had been a short while.
A brief span of time indeed but comprised myriads of memories, and I’m excited to unfold it all. It has been a tiring school year and as I get rid of the anxiety that I have been into inside couple of months of adventure, I am going to write this reflective review about my first year in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
It is pretty well different from what I had in high school, its way, way better. It was very unusual. I expected a lot but I have more than of what I assumed. I never thought before that college is that fun, great fun. I know those are weak adjectives (no understatement) and just couldn’t even reciprocate the real feeling I have inside. I couldn’t correlate much appropriate words to illustrate it right. I feel that I can produce a book just to narrate all of the most cherished substances and I will never get tired to tell it all.
I will write all the things I don’t want to forget. I want to draft again and again all the stuffs that I had encountered. I want to embed in this critically- written paper all the things that I can’t bring back, things that mark a certain significance in my life. I want to elucidate the even the minute articles that I had been through within the ten months. I desire to see them as a mirror the reflection of all the morals I had learned just to imbibe it in me. I am going to write this sort of memorabilia to materialize it all and I will write it now.
Freshman year is truly a short while, but PUP had given me the most worth while. As I come back on that side of my messy mattress, my mind get bombarded and is actually going to burst with colorful streaks of memories flashing back over and over. With the messy mattress, I will lie comfortably and with my pen and paper, I will write to let those streaks free. I know it will not take a short while.

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