Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Immovable Rock

“When the world around you is crumbling… God is the rock on which you can stand.”
As I turn the pages of the Philippine Star, I was caught by this quote printed as footer in yellow block.
Not at all times, all things will work according to what we will and of what we want. There will always be some moment in our life that will test us, will measure us, and this is the time when all seems like fading and the world is like crumbling.
It had come a time in me that I think no one don’t really understand what I am suffering. Not my family because they don’t even know my situation. My friends, though like an open book, I reveal to them the dilemmas I am harboring, is still not enough to hook on in this moment of weakening.
It is true that when all else crumbles, there will always be an immovable rock waiting for us to seek him. A rock so steadfast and firm that had always been here, but I just ignored. A rock so intimate that however I ignore, it just stays there patiently waiting for me.
I seek to my friends, to my closest peers, to my mentors, to different people, but they all can’t help on the suffering I have.
After all, I had never found the joy in the midst of suffering from those people. But just like a caressing bliss, I heard a resounding voice shrilling in my heart.
“Seek me first and all this things shall be added unto you.”

“If you are faithless, I remain faithful; I cannot deny myself.”

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