Friday, October 18, 2013

Mr. & Ms. COC 2013: The story behind the backdrop by Kevin Carino and misterkaskasero.kom

College of Communication never fails to prove its title as the "College of Celebrities" as it had exhibited most of the finest faces and physique in the recently conducted, Mr. and Ms. COC 2013 held last September 3, 2013 in celebration of its college week at Bulwagang Balagtas, PUP.

Indeed, instant celebrities rise in every pageant but behind the flickering limelight, thick cosmetics, fashionable clothes and accessories, are interesting stories that could inspire us and can make us laugh as well. COC's darlings of the crowd bravely reveal in an exclusive interview the untold bloopers behind the back-drop.

The screening.
50 COCians tried to impress the eyes of the judges as they auditioned for the 2013 Mr. And Ms. College of Communication and assertively showed what they’ve got just to get the “yes” of the jury but only 24 (12 boys and 12 girls) successfully made it to the official list of the semi-finalists. “After the audition, making it to the official list would make you feel like you already won,” Elida Bianca Marcial, BAJ 1-1D and one of the finalists, told us.

First Public Presentation
Contenders showed their stunning beauty for the first time as they walked along the ramp stage constructed along the COC Lobby. Nervousness and quivering legs were clearly seen on every contestants with their  casual,  sports, and formal  wear, thus exercising quick change. After their first public presentation, aspirants were secretly evaluated by some of the respected faculty members of the College of Communications who acted as the presentation’s judges. There, judges corrected some of the candidates’ mistakes like Enki San Jose’s frequent and incorrect smiling.

Second Public Presentation
For the second wave of displaying our good-looking models, the second public presentation was carried out in the College of Communications’ Car Park. Behind the backdrop, candidates cheer noisily whenever one of them conquers the floor. Teatro Komunikado, the pageant’s organizers summoned for their peace. Competitors became intact as families. At this point, tension as a result of supposed rivalry was temporarily set aside. Participants also looked at the pageant not as a competition but rather an activity where they can be bonded. “Pageant is a competition and players are the competitors” said one of the judges. The event ended in a surprising dance number of the finalists of “Gentleman” by Psy.

The Much Awaited Night- Mr. and Ms. COC Finals Night
3 October 2013- a night when tension ruled over the candidates as they represent a zodiac sign, as per the theme. Bulwagang Balagtas was filled with excitement and joy as the remaining top 10 were revealed. Banners, glittering lights, screams and cheers heightened the spirit. Aside from the Miriam Quiambao’s fall and the confident rise of Nena Galangther, the voice of the crowd’s favorite ( the COC Ensemble’s soloist who sang “Can I have this dance” ), the Last song syndrome’s effect of Blackwater Jr.’s advertisement and many-more onstage and backdrop bloopers, the prestige and pristine had never faded throughout the program.

The pageant night overflowed with beauty, but not missing the brains. The crowd filled the hall with the ambiance of excitement and joy as Dan Lopez and Ivanna Pacis, both are students from the Department of Broadcast Communication, bagged the crown. Other winners are as followed: 1st runners-up- Mark David Acob & Ariane Jane Ramos Dumaguin, 2nd runners-up- Herson Balbaira & Ma. Donna Santos, 3rd runners-up- Rodson Uy & Mikeyou Ramos, 4th runners-up- Rafael Amonoy & Kimberly Basco, 5th runners-up- Renzmareon Amirul & Nena Galangther. Other candidates who failed to bring home the title never went home as losers as they received minor prizes and awards given by different sponsors.

The one-month pageant was made successful through the joint efforts of the whole College of Communications faculty and staff: Dean Edna Tormon Bernabe, COC Faculty, Dr. Divina Divina T. Tormon- Pasumbal, Prof. Jessie Quierrez, Ms. Toni Baldoza, Mr. Ariel Dulay, Prof. Joseph, Reylan Viray, James Ona, Frank Reyes, Pau De Torres, Paul Surita, Guhit Visual Arts, Creative Media, Artists Society, COC Ensemble, COC Movers & Motions, Lloyd Zapanta, Drew Asuncion, Von Villanueva, Gamma Professional Lights and Sounds, and Teatro Komunikado. Also to the following sponsors: Careline- our official make up partner, Pinkwater- official fragrance for female candidates, Blackwater Jr.- official fragrance for male candidates, Jaoming Mark Corp., JLC Miller Gerry's Grill, Cha Dao Tea Place, and PUPian Lifestyle.

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