Friday, February 28, 2014

The Idiot Box

Why the television is that addicting? Why entertainment is that enthusing? Why this idiot box making me this stupid?
It has been a year when I had successfully abstained from that stuff but as my father brought home a new box to get addicted to, I easily got hooked and currently getting crazy over the idiot.
Informative morning talk show, the news programs, the endless cartoon and anime I had already watched way back childhood, noontime variety show, afternoon dramas, koreanovelas, evening news, movie telecast, PBA, and up to the late night shows of those freakin’ host; I think that I can stay in front of our TV all day and all night long.
The idiot box has this effective tactics to hook its viewers, to cling a string on everyone, making it hard for us to withdraw, to stay away, and to turn it off. Truly, this made us stupid.
I can no more focus on my assignments and tasks, I fail to update my blog , it made me feel lazy and it dwindled my appetite on going to school, I can’t even finish the novel I’m reading. Oh TV! Why you do this to me?
But however, the power is still in my hands. It is just easy to lift the remote control and push the “turn-off” button. But it takes a stronger spirit to overpower the will of the flesh.
I am not an idiot and I must not dwell 24 hours in front of that idiot box, well, that’s the fighting spirit.

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