Monday, February 3, 2014

The Bias and the Truth­­

Whatever fed will be eaten, whatever they want to eat, will be fed.
Media has this fundamental role on developing the public opinion toward relevant matters that must be tackled. It also bore this power to shape this opinion on the way they wanted. They have supremacy over these stuffs, the superior control over the minds of the people.

It would not be an understatement if I would say that the role played by media in this society is entirely gigantic.

They have the power no other influential man could have done. The trust offered by the public to this networks show their weighty dependence when it comes on building their thoughts and opinion over public matters.

It is true, media has this potion to allure the people to believe on whatever they say, they do and they show.

That is why on the issue of Vhong Navarro and his scandal with Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo, everyone may have their own opinion but their opinion will always be held upon on what the news organization show it in their style.

One may have their slant in favor of Navarro, the other may focus the angle toward Cornejo’s, and one may show the story balance and unbiased.

And to choose who of the three delivered it right and unbleached, requires intelligent and critical analysis on their news presentation. We are not yet stupid on how to see it.

I therefore focus the solution to the viewers that after all, will give their verdict (though the subject not really important). I am hopeless that there’s a cure for the eradication of this so-called gate-keeping bias among media networks.

Media, after all, is a business. It was living and continuing by money from business sectors seeking influence and power, wishing to have scented fragrance over their names in front of the public by the use of this highly- influential media.

And this company’s commitment on their sponsors would include privileges that whatever mishaps that may happen will be defended and covered to the best the media can.

And the truth will always be sacrifice.

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