Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Resume to the Old Ways

When the new did not work out right, it’s better to resume to the old ways.
When I decided to quit my stay on the dormitory, I, therefore, have no choice but to go back to my old routine of coming to and going from school.
I need to go back to my daily routine when I’m starting my schooling at the university.
I must wake up again as early as 4 am, take a bath with dawn-cold water, travel from Valenzuela to Sta. Mesa, Manila almost every day, ride jeepneys again, travel over and alight the two line systems of the Light Rail Transit or LRT, pushed myself inside its solid-like spacing, walk over the sinister pavements of Recto and Pureza where I was once a victimized by robbery, and come to school already worn-out because of the kilometric travel.
I am not really used with this new routine but I need to get used to it no matter what.

I just thought that this is part of college and after the next four years of going to and fro the school, I am rest assured that all efforts are not in vain.

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