Saturday, December 14, 2013

What to Renew on the Incoming New Year

The midnight where we are ought to end the old things and restart with something new. Indeed, it is just a matter of seconds as 2013 leaves out and 2014 replace it in return. But this momentous gap signals the coming of the fresher, the newer, and the better. As we welcome the new year that will come. I must have prepared the things to renew, to change, and to start up. Here is my New Year’s resolution.

1.    I want to re-establish my relationship to God. I want to come back to the heart of worship, to go back to my Father and to live a life committed to Him. I want to return to the place where I started, continue the life I had left. I will come back.
2.    I want to be a more dedicated student. I will study harder and will manage my time more efficiently. I will never cram.
3.    I will be more frugal. I will now save money. That’s serious.
4.    I will be more organize. I will start up with a new planner. Please give me a planner to anyone who reads this.
5.    I will be a more mature person. I will not act childish anymore.
6.    I will win souls and make disciples. I will be a leader of 12.
7.    I will find an extra work to lighten my family’s burden on my finances.
8.    I will be more health-conscious.
9.    I will be more updated with my blog.
10.  I will never be a geek.

These set of resolutions are somewhat the same on what I have before 2013’s entourage but I failed on achieving and fulfilling on it all. But I hope that 2014 will never be the same.

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