Sunday, February 9, 2014

Without Something ‘Smart Casual’ in my Wardrobe

And the much awaited Young Communicator’s Congress and PUP Mabini Media Awards is on the 13th of February. Along with the excitement is the great rummage for what to wear, and it’s none other than… smart casual! Smart casual? What the hell is smart casual?
Is it something like a smart look with blemishes of casual look? My wardrobe is brimming with civilian, casual, formal, business-type, home get-ups and even night clothes, WTF is the fact that smart casual isn’t in my cabinet.
On my search in the web, smart casual is the mid-way between the civilian clothes and formal wear, or simply a combination of both. It could also be a shade lighter than formal or a tint heavier than our everyday get-ups.
The set of clothes for smart casual could be invented by those working girls and boys on their search for comfortable working clothes. And the fashion was well adapted on the not-so-formal gathering such as the event I am going to attend.
Some examples I have seen is the weird pairing off of a long-sleeve suit and the mainstream blue jeans, polo shirt topped with tuxedo along with black trousers and this weird sneakers.

In summation, smart casual is weird and I’m going to look weird on that Thursday affair, good luck to us!

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