Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Knowing their Perception about Me

As one of our requirement for our Human Communication Class with Prof Cherry Pebre, we made an article on self-concept about us. She asked us to post it as a status in Facebook and look out for the comments that will flood our wall.
My article “I am Perfect” may have just hooked 42 likes and gained 31 comments, not that I’m bragging.
My appealing title could be one of the factors that clutched the attention of most of my friends, church mates, former classmates, and even my mentors and personal relatives to read the entirety of my article.
I’m really overwhelmed on how these people responded on my status. Though I am really used with flood of comments, I never thought that this kilometric essay worth a score of such stuffs.
Generally, I believe that this essay had effect a certain impact on my readers in terms of their spiritual life. Based on my analysis, they are blessed and grateful enough on what they have read. I am, therefore, much grateful because I know that I had established a good testimony to all of these people.
I am confident that I had built a nice image in them, that I had imbibed something beautiful in their eyes in perception of me.
Aside from feedbacks concerning their agreeing on what I have written are some thoughts about my writings. I am not really great in writing compositions in the foreign language but their feedbacks make me believe like I am a real innate writer.
I had also see some bits of advices and that made me a lot more elated seeing concerned people saying such stuffs.
I just really commend this entire people that had called me as their idol. I don’t want to be a figure to be stared on and looked upon but a person to be imitated and get inspired.
The set of people that had paid time to write a comment on this status are commonly my church brothers and sisters, my closest high school friends, the network I had mentored before, my constituents when once I became the president of the student council.
This just show how many lives had been impacted by me. I love that all my efforts to gain this people was not set in vain. I know how these people look up to me and with an upright self-concept; I can take hold of them.

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