Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valentines is Valiant Times

It takes valiance for her to know what he really feels.
I know that this night before Valentine’s Day is not an ordinary night. I am assured that this night will be a night full of love, glittering with sparks as a friend of mine, out of vanity, and with whole valiance will express how deep he loved my other friend.
A week before, Kelvin and I agreed with a plan that I would help him on this matter and support him. It already seemed like I’m going to be a Cupid this Valentine.
But my friend was really indecisive with this plan. He’s like a tossing leaf easily blown by the wind to and fro. He got on fire for some time but the flame easily ceases. As his Cupid, I’m always there beside him to rekindle it and to keep it ablaze.
From the planning of the gimmick we’re got to do, to the shopping of materials needed in the mall, calling for help from our other peers and until the night we’re got to execute it all, he’s that faithless of what Alex got to react but I’m the Cupid to boost his confidence.
February 13, 3014- this is the eve of the day of hearts and this is the night we are all waiting for and our subject is still mindless and clueless on the surprise we’ve prepared for her.
After the all-day long activity we have engaged with, the time had come for us to carry out our plan. We brought Alex to the lagoon as planned and in that moment sparks were preparing to fly.
We are welcomed by cardboards containing letters spelling out “love you Alex”. Kelvin suddenly came out holding the missing piece of the message, which is “I”, together with pieces of stuffs like flowers and that self-made graham cake. The mob get converged in that place in PUP and got wilder. Kelvin, obviously nervous on what to do next, closed with a heartfelt message to her love.

Truly, love filled the atmosphere, it is in the air. But everything would be impossible without the valiant man who fight against katorpehan, show off boldly his love and made this valentines a valiant time to be heard.

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