Monday, December 30, 2013

Privacy Matters

“Privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and who we want to be”
This is the Christmas message sent to the public by the anti-mass surveillance advocate Edward Snowden.
There are things in life we keep as personal. Even our young sister doesn’t even know it. These are the things we keep private and we don’t want to be discovered by anyone, to be known, to be touched or to be disturbed.
Snowden’s advocacy is all about privacy and his strong stand against mass surveillance done by the intelligence arm of the government.
Upon reading the news, I felt a little bit conscious if there’s an eye secretly watching over me. If it had seen me whenever I take a bath, go to the rest room, or even inside my room.
Snowden is right for opposing this unlawful activity of the government. It is evidently an invasion of our privacy and is an invasion of our personal life. And this is a clear violation of human rights.
However, that’s not my real point in this article. I like to emphasize the point on what he said about privacy.
It reminded me of what my friend said to me a long time ago, he said that our true self comes out when we are alone, when no one sees us, when we are free from critic, when we have privacy.

It made me think of what I do whenever I am lonely. But then, I will never tackle it here on my paper. It is quite personal and that is my privacy. I pray the mass surveillance doesn’t see it. But God primarily knows it.  

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