Monday, December 30, 2013

Bulacan Escapade

                        Quality over quantity.

I thought that my whole peer group will join on our party prepared for Alex on their house at Bulacan. But out of 15 members of our tropa, 5 of us appeared on our meet-up place at Cubao Station at exactly 9 am.

It is not sunny, nor rainy, the weather is not fine. But this weather had not stopped us from going to the birthday celebration of one of tropa’s muses.

We are only five who showed up on our agreement but that doesn’t ever frustrate us. We are tough persons and we know quality is still over from quantity.

We leave Manila by a Suv Express which ran from Cubao to Pulilan. Yes, we are going to Pulilan and this is our escapade.

Every pace of the tires on the cement paves a new view outside. From the highly- modernized to a serene and green province landscape of the central plain.

As we alight from the shuttle, rush of fresh oxygen entered our lungs and it’s an extraordinary experience. It’s entirely different from the highly-intoxicating air of the metropolitan where we came from.

We rode on a jeepney toward the landmark given to us.

Inside, although we ride in a jeepney almost every day, the people of Bulacan made us feel like aliens. They are rarely different. I know that it’s an inexplicable difference but there is clear evidence that there is a minute gap made by a certain demarcation.

We met at Mcdo. In there, we found out that McSundae is served in better quantity on the same price. Afterwards, we buy the things we need for our food preparation in the nearest shopping mart.

We rode on a tricycle toward the very house of Alex. The vehicle is much smaller. The backseat can only accommodate a person.
Alex’s house is like a hidden place and that is definitely distant. Our travel from the town center to their house is relaxing but is quite long.

As soon as we got there, all that we can say are “ooh’s” and “aah’s”. We are indeed madly in love with the place.

The vast rice field coated with green grasses, the fresh air, the mountain series that serve as the horizon that separate the field from the sky, the trees, the hemp, the animals, the children, the road, the rice paddies, for us, everything are amazing.

Dianne, one of my friends, bought out her SLR to document the highly- infamous scene.

We started to prepare our food, we ate it and it made us full.

After our food settled in our stomach, we decided to walk through the paddies and it’s an adventure. We stayed under a nipa hut in the middle of the vast rice field.

When we come back to Alex’s house, we started the party. Having assembled the large speakers, disco light and a play list of vibrant party music, we had gone wild in the middle of the pace’s serenity.

Night had come and some of our peers need to go back to Manila. Meynard, Kelvin and I remained for a sleep-over.

It’s a night full of talks and chit- chattering. Our conversation wee filled with laughter, reminisces, and inspiration. But then, it’s also a night less of sleep, energy and power. And this is also the night I first encountered fireflies. The feeling is majestic.

We welcomed the twelve in the midnight with a prayer for the official entourage of Alex’s birthday. Sitting in the middle of the sala, after whispering our prayers and wishes for our friend, we sang to her the birthday song in a soft and mellow voice.

We slept at 2 in the morning and woke up at 6 with a coffee breakfast. We left at 9am as we bid goodbye to her and her family.

It is true; quality will always be over quantity. However how few we are who visited her on that special day; I can assure we had a quality time that is the most important thing of all.

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