Friday, December 13, 2013

Star inside a Gold

 There is a star inside a gold
There is a star after we brawled,
Stardom is not only for those we look up to
Stargazers can have their luster shining brilliant too.

It is not always for those who are older,
For the experienced and for the bolder,
Freshmen can defeat and win atop them too
Because the hottest stars is in the shade of blue.

Jeremiah, Ace, Meynard of BAJ 1-1D clan
Outshone the pulchritude of Betelgeuse and of the Sun,
Among the constellations and galaxies that battled
Three minute stars got to outlive and outlasted.

There will always be a time for the younger generation
To win a quiz bee about general information,
Age is not a ruler of our might and intelligence,
And is not a connotation of automatic prevalence.

We can win, we can prevail
We can afford, we can avail.
But we need the confidence and esteem of brilliant stars
Thus, we need to come out of the restrictions of our self-made bars.

We overcome the bars we have inside of us
And now, we won and it made a blast,
Freshmen can have their luster twinkle bold
Altogether, we can have the star inside the gold.

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