Friday, December 13, 2013

I’m a Communicator

Communication is powerful. It was said that it is one of the most powerful weapon given by God. As a human that was gifted by the exhilarating power of communication, we are blessed to learn, to share, to express, to survive and to influence.
We are humans, and we are born as a natural communicator. And this gift is not just a certain skill or just a mere ability but a power. In this vast jungle, not all could be dominant, not all could devour, and others must be a subordinate, an underdog.
Like special powers from those known superheroes and even the villain ones, communication can lift, can do impossible things, can move things, can make changes and can create.
The power is gigantic that not everyone can afford to take hold of it. It can bring life, inspiration, confidence to a person, but if a person, careless of his thoughts, not thinking of how great damage he can do with the stuffs he communicated, can destroy life, hopes and aspirations.
Communication, like any other art and sciences, is not just a simple thing. It has its own intricacy and complexity. Many can think that they can communicate since they are doing it since they are born. That misconception could be the root of all misconceptions.

Communication may look like a simple stuff for many but the art of communication is not just something we can learn as we grow or as we do such thing. It is because genuine communication requires deep study being an essential skill to hone.

All can communicate but not everyone can communicate that fine. This is because fine communication requires many things, and all of these requirements can only be learn from taking a deeper perspective and study of it from all angles.

Disregarding the thought that communication is a stuff we naturally learn could probably erase all misconceptions.

God had never given us things that we never need. And communication as one of his special gift is a need and an essentiality in life.

Since it is essential, our body itself seeks to do such things.

We communicate because our body needs it, our deepest desires wants it. An urge from inside pushes us to communicate, communicate and communicate.

Intentional or unintentionally, we will communicate because it is part of our inner self.

To survive in this jungle, to have some companion, to win, to have power, to gain, to supply our needs, we will communicate to give satisfaction to the things we want.

To satisfy our ego, to feed our hunger, to catch people… all the things we desire, could not be got, without communication.

Due to this great need to communicate, we will never stop doing such things, it is eternal. As eternal if I’m going to enlist all the reasons why we communicate.

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