Friday, December 27, 2013

All I want for Christmas

As much as I want not to be materialistic, but I really need to.
You will get what you wished for. Without wishing for something, you will not obtain anything. One could not get anything he/she never wished. It may happen but not at all times. There will always be a need to wish, so they will know what you will for.
That is why I’m bravely telling everybody what I want for Christmas.
I want a new 4 GB memory card for my phone.
I want a planner for the next year.
I want a phablet (phone + tablet).
I want a new head phones.
I want some new pairs of clothes.
I want more money.
That’s all I want for Christmas. I may sound so demanding but seriously, I madly need all these stuffs.
I want the memory card so I can store up much more Christian songs. So I can hear his gospel music and I will be more saturated with His Spirit.
I want a planner so I can plan all my activities throughout the week and it will be easy for me to free my Sundays which is for God.
I want a phablet so I can have a bible application, I can watch videos, and I can get in touch with my church friends in the most modern way.
I want the head phones so that I can hear music and taped preaching every now and then.
I want to generate more clothes so that every Sunday, I will be much more presentable offering in front of Him.
I want more money, so I can bring back more of His blessings and provisions to me.

 It’s clear that all I want for Christmas is Him who’s celebrating His birthday on the date. I will a wished and may all of it be granted by the one who provides.

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