Saturday, January 11, 2014


I’m confident and covered by the power of the vaccine injected to me way back when I was a year old infant on my hometown in Valenzuela from catching measles that has been an outbreak in Manila, specifically at Sta. Mesa where I stay.
Last month, in my dormitory, the baby cared by the owner’s daughter had the same disease, hospitalizing him for two weeks. That one-year old infant looks delirious having those rashes spread throughout his fresh, white skin.
He had already recovered but just last week, a new baby on the same compound at Pureza was also infected by the communicable disease. And I know it was a calvary for the angelic toddler and of her family.
I don’t know how the spread of the disease reach that outbreak level, but having 1,724 cases (and still counting) recorded is frightening.
As a health-conscious man, I’m always alarmed and on the look-out whenever these type of epidemia are strolling down on the streets I’m pacing.
I know DOH was held accountable for everything and the outbreak will immediately be halted. Now that WHO had given a deadline to the agency to free the country from the disease on 2017. I know they will work harder now.

I am praying for the babes suffering right now. May God bless you all.

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