Monday, December 30, 2013

The Value of Reflection

“We all need to get the balance right between action and reflection.”
I was caught by the news about the Christmas message of Queen Elizabeth II to her monarchy.
Queen Elizabeth II had said that before or after every action we are going to undertake, we need to take equal bit of reflection.
These days, along with my comeback to the heart of worship, I bring back my daily devotion.
These devotion is a daily journal where I put the messages I am receiving from God daily, meditate it like a chewing gum and look for a way of how I can apply it.
It is either to reminisce the past or to prepare for the future thing.
I had been doing this devotion for almost three years (even inconsistent) and it’s a good fact that it had helped me a lot on different means.
As what had been said by my mentor, I must fear to go out leaving my daily devotion undone, it might have warn me of the things that might happen. And because I did not first do it before anything else, something bad may have just happen to me.
It is really good to have a reflection of everything that had happened and will occur on us. It makes us healthy, it enhanced us. This serves as our personal analysis of our self.
We may not have the power to change the stuffs in the past but we can have a guide on how we are going to decide for the future.

I’m blessed that I have my journal.

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