Monday, December 30, 2013

Damn this Writer’s Block!

I want to write but I can’t
I need to write but I won’t.

As I try to accomplish our journalism professor’s bombardment of myriads of writing home works to pass when we come back the next year, it is indeed really hard to resist the nature of every writer, to walk against the flow, to fight against the will of my flesh.
Writers are naturally-born lazy and dumb. Writer’s block is a real ill that drives off writer from writing. Even how great are the ideas that overflow from your fountain of thoughts, if it clout, no one can escape.
It is the writing attitude that George Orwell had tackled in his article “Why I Write”. But how can we get rid of this pandemic disease? Is there a certain medication?
Orwell also stated that a writer will not undertake something without a demon that will motivate and will urge him to continue what he has started. Motivation may vary, may battle from itself and may differ in terms of intensity.
This motivation could be the key to revive a writer from the attack of this malady. And the only way to ease, if may not be eradicated totally, this epidemic between writers is to know their motivation for writing.
I may urge myself to write to aim for a “Uno” from my journalism professor, but what if I need to write and it’s not for the grade, can I write that fine? Indeed, motivating yourself to gain something from your critic is merely wrong.
Orwell stated in his write-up that he writes because of four great motives and these are: (1) to show/ express his inner self, (2) to write something beautiful, (3) to show his political bias and to influence people and lastly, (4) to document something through his writings.
Orwell gives us something true. For writers to write with delight he/she must write with a clear motivation and the writer must allot a time to know what to inspire him first before turning on his pen and paper.
We need inspiration because writing is merely a boring activity. Writer’s block is our nature and it requires deep meditation for us to search for this inspiration.
Be inspired! That’s the key.

Let us altogether damn this writer’s block.

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