Saturday, December 14, 2013

Politics: Filthy?

The quality of politics determines the quality of our lives. To indicate whether the state of politics is dirty, we can take a closer look of how efficient our lives are. This is because politics affect almost every aspect of our living.
In general, it is really good. Here in the Philippines where the power is in the people, the government and the mass are greatly governed by a strong constitution, democracy has a stronghold on the republic, the system of politics in the country is really fine compared to other countries, especially the communists and of those in dictatorship. We are blessed of having the political freedom evenly distributed on every Filipinos, power is greatly shared by everyone, and the authority is not merely on the government that rules, but on the hands of the millions of people who comprised it.
But why is it we can never say we have the quality of life like those countries in the First World if we have a fine quality of politics? Anomalies, grievances toward inefficient services, scams, crises, and corruption are still evident. Is politics really good or indeed a filthy game?
Politics in a sense is good. Without the type of politics we have now, what can be our society look like? Leaders and followers are indistinguishable, all of us will be a ruler of our own empire, and that’s pandemonium. We have one of the freest societies in the world and this is because of the cradle that swings us… and this is the political freedom given by democracy. This is the same freedom that gives the right for everybody to participate on any political and social matters.
This freedom could also be the cause of the dirt that stained the culture of our politics. Because of independence, everyone has the power to engage, to participate, and to climb up to rule, to be dominant in this vast jungle. They do everything to dominate, to be wealthier, to uplift their status, to gain popularity and that makes politics dirty.
It is all because of the people, the political animals.
But this not excludes the wider public of the democratic country. It is not all about the crooks, and of those who are in the crown, the politicians, who made the politics in the nation in the country half-neat and half-dirty, many people may have disengage themselves and neglect the fact that they are part of the jungle.
The main reason why politicians, or those in power, make things like those stuffs is that they see their people do not have the immediate means to stop them. They are confident to make things unlawful or manipulate things to make it look more legal, brainwash them because they see them incompetent and irresponsible in watching over them, in securing their right as a citizen.
We are in a democratic set-up and the people are ought to secure themselves because they have the duty, aside from anyone, to govern their own society. If the people will continuously be unaware of their obligation as a politician of the country, those in position will have plenty of time to think of ways to mislead us.
Indeed, it is the people who made our politics filthy. Sadly, it had been the nature of politics, even how good or fine, it has no firm shape. Its structure depends on the people participating on it. And in the country, as long as the people will get unawake, politics’ dirt will soon be a culture and will be as messy as it is.
The only way to clean up is to identify the people behind it. Remember that it is not only the authority because the mass has greater power on it. Let them reassess their duty as a politician of the political country. And lastly, clean them up.

Cleaning up the dirt is not a big problem but identifying where the dirt is, is a gigantic dilemma. It is actually we; the public that must ensure the government’s doing their job right and appropriate. Without such, we reap the consequences of our failure to do our job as a political animal of the society.

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