Friday, December 27, 2013

Achieving Far Beyond the Horizon

We can achieve many things but to achieve those stuffs far beyond the horizon requires discipline.
Lately, I was caught by an article on The Philippine Star’s business page entitled “Secrets of High- Achievers” penned by Francis Kong. As a student, it has been my desire to achieve a lot, to stand among hurdles and to acquire my most- coveted dream. Having read this article had given me further inspiration.
However how vast is his subject, he was able to come up with a certain conclusion and the secret kept by high- achievers in their closets is DISCIPLINE.
Discipline is such a big word. It has something to do with of how you got to control your ways and means and it’s a mere fact that it’s hard to resist our nature, to dictate our mannerisms, to change the stuffs we are used to and lastly, to act in a way that is not the real us. But in order to achieve things far beyond the horizon, we must have the discipline that high-achievers first achieved before anything else.
According to him, there are five aspects in life that is needed to be scolded and get disciplined. First, we must be wary of our time management. Second, be critical on our thoughts and of the words we are spewing out. Third, be strong in terms of showing moods and emotions. Fourth, be able to manage our finances. And last, be objective in terms of our work.

To imbibe discipline in our nature could be a hard stuff but with a dedicated heart to hit the bull’s eye straight to the target, to insert the thread in the finest needle hole, to achieve our goals that are way far beyond the horizon, one must undertake anything for the betterment of himself and of his own career.

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