Monday, December 30, 2013

Peripeteia: My 2013 Year-end Review

A peripeteia may just comprise three lines to two paragraphs in a short story. In real life, it may take one year to happen.
This is the turning point of a story and this 2013 is my peripeteia.
From being a senior student to a freshman, from high school to the collegiate level, from Valenzuela to Manila, from a studious person to a wild one, from defeat to success, from depression to happiness and from being lost to being found.
Indeed, this year is where some of the greatest shifts in my life had happened.
The first three months of the year are the last three months of my stay in my high school alma mater. In that span of time, I had experienced extreme frustration and depression due to lots of problem that struck me; family, teachers, classmates, academics, church, issues in the student council and even to my honors. It had been a stressful ending for me but it ended happily as I graduated with honors but not with the level they all expect.
But I try to forget all those stuffs, for the sake of my graduation, that must be memorable for me and my classmates.
I just set my mind that as I leave that school, I will live a new life and will put all the bad memories to the closet where I put all the stuffs I don’t want to harbor all throughout my life.
And the two months vacation is just enough to prepare myself for a great change, for the peripeteia to occur. And this is when I enter the tertiary level.
When June had come, I tried my best to be new, for the new world where I will engage myself, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
And it’s a great relief for me. I became successful to live a new life with my new classmates, my new school, my new peers, the new house where I will stay, and to the new track that I had take.
I triumphantly escaped the nightmares of my past. I am rest assured that those nightmares will always be just nightmares. I am now facing the dawn of my dreams.
I’m confident now. I love this turning point.
I may have encountered struggles and hurdles along this new path, but I’m confident because the greatest peripeteia I have is when I was found when I was lost. I reencountered God and recommitted my life to my strength, to my cornerstone along the junction.
And as I approach the year 2014, the story I have is just waiting and continuously succeeding toward the climax. It might not be next year but I know that I’m on the right path towards it. I feel it.

Now that from being lost in the vast jungle the Lord has found me, I am full of hope, I will never more go astray.

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