Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Interview to a Teenage Mom

A course requirement ordered by Mr. Felix Cabahug for our Communication, Society and Development Class is an audio-visual presentation (AVP). Our group is tasked to feature the consequences of becoming a family under a quick-changing society and of how to make communication healthy for a family.
 For this task, I decided to interview a teenager mother so as to clearly show how hard for a youth like us to build a family under the constraint of the society.
On my search for an informant, I found a new neighbor of ours in Valenzuela. She is Nenette Padoc, 17, the second wife of Robin Butardo, a childhood friend of mine.
Nenette gave birth recently and now her baby is still an infant. In an early age, it has been a challenge for her to rear a child.
When I asked her to compare her life then that she has no burden and now that she has a husband and a child, she told me that it is entirely different. She missed her friends and princess-type of living she has before.
She had passed through a lot of struggles, one of which is on the 9 months of carrying the baby and the criticisms she has gained from the society. But all of this was faded away every time she sees her baby that serves as her strength and the reason for keeping on track.
She also shared to me her plans for her child. She plans to work to help her spouse. She promises that she would not let her child to have the destiny she has been.
She confessed that she has a lot of regrets. But however the words she hears from others, she kept herself strong for her child.
This lady is just an equal age of mine. But I confessed that she had her thoughts more deeply than I, her thinking is inappropriate for her age.
I hope for the betterment of her and her child. And as she goes on with the life being a mother and wife, may her life prosper and may God let her see the things He prepares for her.             

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