Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Astonishing Midterm

Always expect the unexpected.
That was an already- exhausting morning last Wednesday after the series of sleepless nights that had just blew us just to fulfill myriads of requirements to be pass on that quite demanding morning.
That was also the day of our session with Professor Filemon Viduya on Fundamentals of News Writing. I never thought that after the flood of home works that ravaged us is an astonishing midterm examination that no one could’ve prepared.
We are then chit-chattering, trying to relax our nerves from the tension of pulling its endings to its limits last night. We are then confident of having a stress-free morning after that nerve-racking week we have undergone.
Our professor entered the door with that teasing grin ripping his face. After some sort of few reminders, he instructed us to bring out a piece of yellow sheet for a 20-item midterm assessment.
With that simple yet, striking words of his, the whole class’ jaws dropped. I would never doubt if that moment made our world halted for a couple of seconds. The message slowly sank in to our brains as we reacted late on the pronouncement. I think that it caused me a minute or two flash of numbness before bringing out some yellow paper.
I am not prepared and well-equipped for that evaluation after all. I should’ve studied hard in advance if I am clued-up. I am not used on taking exams without rigorous, painstaking preparation.
But when he had started to dictate the questionnaires, my mind refocuses to take it all down with my stenographies.
A deep sigh of relief burst out of my mouth as I found the test questions that uncomplicated.
 I started to write down my best answers that made me garner a total of 93 points.
The test was facile but I’m frustrated seeing my seatmate peeking inside our textbook. It will be just fine for me but seeing my other seatmates taking the same stuff that serious and with amazement of him having the highest point of 96 is much more surprising.
 I’m contended with my grade and I hope he would get (the one who did the great mischief) to face his consequences.

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