Saturday, January 11, 2014

First Day High on 2014

Back to school again. Exciting.
I come back to my daily routines, early morning showers, early transportation from Valenzuela to Manila, jeepney riding, LRT adventure, walking on busy pavements, sitting back to my favorite chair in front of the old, corroding boards of our classrooms in PUP-COC.
Every first week is inspiring. I am excited to participate on classes, to recite actively, to read and write over my notes, take a break on our favorite hang-outs with my fellows.
Imagining that this week is just a start for many unexpectable things to come. From wild adventures, future escapades, hang-outs, trips, and cool gimmicks, my heart wants to jump because of exceeding joy.
 I believe God had set another wonderful year for me. He may have drafted already another fruitful yet challenging year. I could expect that God may surprise me again for the next twelve months of my life.
Along with that joys that may come with my schooling, I know it’s an inevitable fact that I will encounter hurdles along the way. I believe that I could surpass it all now that I have God.
I know He will guide me on this track toward my dreams.
Coming back to PUP is a refreshing thing. The school had just given me an excellent academic experience inside my first six months stay there. I hope a lot more for the year that had already come.

Cheer up comrades!

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