Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sleep-over at its Best

Because of my desperate desire to escape from my dormitory, my peers pushed me to stay to Meynard’s house not just for only one, probably not two, but three consecutive days.
I am really double-minded about this stuff since I need to break a family and a house. I know they will get uneasy. I know it’s a mere fact that it’s not good to stay on another’s house for that long span of time, even how good these people are.
But however how hard I resist, I need to. I don’t know how my mother will react when I come home in the not-so-perfect time. So, I deal with it.
In Meynard’s house, I really feel the happy spirit surrounding their two-story row house, opposing the “depressed area” connoted by my blockmates in correspond to Meynard being a man harboring all types of depression.
The ambience is light that it made me feel comfortable enough. I feel relax as I stretched my joints on their soft sofa while letting my eyes exhausted watching over the cable-ready idiot box.
Her mother is so hospitable though I really felt ashamed on how she treats me. I see to her a picture of an adorable, ideal mom.
And oh, I also met his two elder brothers. However how conflicting their characters are and of how Meynard feel sorry for his siblings, I deeply appreciate how good his brothers acted.
 The eldest, I see myself in him, a conyo- speaking literate from the University of the Philippines, his attitudes is the same as mine, most on how we treat our younger brothers.
Next to him is like one of my brother that though may seem naughty, behaves well.
I prefer to shut my mouth than to show my true color because I really enjoy observing them all. I may laugh at times, but I can’t offer my outgoing persona. After all, I’m a shy-type kid.
The nights are actually well where I see myself in a deep slumber beside MeyMey on that foldable bed set-up’d in their living room. I don’t let myself feel conscious of how I look like while I am sleeping. I indeed easily feel at home.
Every morning is nice startled up by a big breakfast meal. After is a short but had seemed like a long queue toward the bathroom. I confess that however how hard we try to wake up early, we ended up cramming as we come to school. And we are always late.
I hereby understand Mey.
This sleep-over is quite an adventure, a moment to cherish at most. Mey and I’s friendship had been made firm more with this trip. I indeed enjoy it. I thank Meynard and his family for a well-spent three days. I really love the way you treat me. May God bless your home sweet home.

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