Saturday, January 11, 2014

First Time to Shoot a Ball

That early afternoon when my professor in Mathematics in
Business dismissed us early, I join my classmates to a near     billiard hall just to spend my free time and watch them play.
It was my first time to enter that type of hang-out place.
At first, I said that I just want to stare at them while they play. I never imagined that I will take that long stick, apply that powder on my clean hands, lean on that tinted table and shoot the ball with determination.
One of my friends decisively did a hard time to persuade me to try the ball game. But when their faces started to turn a little bit mad, I stand up to give it a try.
In that endeavor, I ask myself, why not? From my childhood days, I know that I am a real dumb in sport. I’m a pure “lampa”, in layman’s term. I just wish for my good luck this time.
With the caring hands of my peers, they guide me; teach me step by step all the basic things I need to learn.
Inside the one hour of renting that billiard table, I really had a great fun.
Striking the ball on the best angle with utmost focus gives an excitement and the shooting of the target to the hole added some striking pleasure, a sort of soothing sensation.
Indeed, a stress reliever.

The sport is not that addicting but I should’ve tried this one again and again. I love it.

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