Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Good that I Accidentally Eavesdropped

“I never thought angels, at times, could be demonic too… feeling depressed and still with this endeavor to get blessed… kaya pala bumigat pakiramdam ko kanina, just discovered something that made my heart cry… filling a pail of tears… literal… kakahagulgol lang sa dorm because of an infamous discovery… I hated that I accidentally eavesdropped… sana mabawasan ito bukas pag in-ope k… don’t be shock tomorrow if you can’t here my laughs”
This was the message I had exactly composed and sent to all of my trusted peers as a surprising revelation keep on playing in my ear.
It was an ordinary Monday but I never thought that one is another turning point for me.
I entered my dormitory’s bathroom and from nowhere, I heard voices talking and they are tackling all about me. It’s a resounding me.
I had never imagined that those angelic people will talk like they know me better than I do. They judged me according to what they perceive to be true. They judged me wrongly.
I can’t move in the place where I am. But a certain urge inside of me pushed the door that made them to see me just eavesdropping the things I must not hear.
They felt uncomfortable looking straight to my eyes, so do I. inside my room. I felt numb. My hand searched for a bible to seek God what to do next.
As I turn the pages, revelations coming out simultaneously, God pierced me hard with his heart-warming words. I cry a lot because of anger, wrath but above all, I sob because there is a God who had comforted me in the middle of my tribulation.
I sent the message above so as to release all my hatred and to ease the burden that was continuously pounding me. I want someone to talk to. I want someone to be with. I want to go out in that place.
Finding one, Alex, I paced out of the boarding house and proceeded to hers. I’m fortunate and blessed having someone to lean on in this weakening event.
It’s true, not all things that will happen in my life will be good, not all person I trust is that trustworthy, not at all times I will laugh, there will always be a time to cry and sob.

After all, it’s good that I had eavesdropped.

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