Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Precious as They Are

Friends are treasure. It’s a mere fact that inside our treasure chest, there are those that are just pure crap but there will always be those who are genuinely precious.
In the middle of this depressing, melancholic blanket that covered me for a week, the precious gems I have sparkled the best, better than of how the tears spilling out of my eyes trickle.
This week is really weakening. The dilemma that struck me somewhat corroded some parts of the foundation I am dependent upon. I’m quite shaken, I was trembled, had stumbled.
And in this sudden fall, I admit that my thighs are not strong enough to recover and stand up again alone.
I’m blessed that out of the hundreds of friends I contacted to help me, my tropa’s brilliance astound the other gems.
It was real, true friends came out sincerely when you need them. Literally, they will always be by your side whenever you fell down. Genuine friends sparked their best in times of your weariness.
During these times, I could clearly see, without ambiguity, who’s real of my friends and I’m glad they are many.
Tropang Likod did a good job to halt my tears. They did comfort me good. I know it’s kind of hard for them to think of solutions for my problem, their efforts is more than enough for me.
I love these people. I can almost say I can’t smile without them. They are the reason why I am still standing and continuing. Their heart-warming advices imbibed deeply in my heart.
I don’t really expect that these people would be concern that much for me, that they will love me like their own family.
I know what had happened to me tighten the bond between each of us. TL is now stronger, fiercer, and bolder. We are now inseparable.
I am confident now that I’m sure that I have the immovable rocks where I can lean on. Thanks to the lives of Dianne, Maouie, Mico, Charles, Alex, Angge, Busog, Gelai, Cathrine, Luigie, Kiya and Meynard.
All of you are precious as they are. I love you all. 

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