Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Offer

Last Sunday, I had received an offer to come back to the Praise and Worship Team of my church.
It has been a year when I leave the music ministry.
As I come back last month, I really desire to recommit myself and for the supposed second chance given by that letter, it could be the opportunity I ever longed for.
I really miss to dance for His glory. I miss the days of rigorous practice, the comradeship between singers, musicians, technicals and with us, encouragers. I miss the exhortations made by our directress. I miss of how every Sunday was turned into a glorious worship because of the people He uses to be a channel of blessing.
 The letter, still not signed, I am still indecisive. I still have a week left before the deadline and the interview.
I’m still waiting for His divine instruction. I don’t want to be mislead by my desire to be with the people I had mingled before.
I want to receive an official permission from Him for this stuff.

This could be my second chance but I know God is testing me right now of how I will react to the offer. Let Your will be done.

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