Monday, November 11, 2013

Accrediting the Press ( pursuance of the accreditation exam in Journalism) by Marc Ace B. Palaganas

         Many are called, but few are chosen.
Before, a journalistic career was attainable by everybody as long as one can write. But freshly, when Senator Jinggoy Estrada projected a resolution that requires journalism graduates to take an accreditation exam in order to be a licensed press people, many got indignant and many journalism students's dream turn into blurry as if it move much further, drafting supplementary staircases towards it.

 These gain many pessimistic complaints from different sectors prodding this proposal will just aim to diminish the number of credible journalist existing in this-highly corrupted political country. It was like filtering our race to reduce the number of mouth that will speak against them, hands that will write to reveal their secrets and eyes that will espy over them (including the nose that will sniff their bad-smelling clandestine inside their closets).

All of those stuffs can be true but on another side of the river, however how evil this people plan for our future, we are PUPian journalist, can we fail such simple trial? It is just a matter of proving yourself. Comm’n, we are from the CHED’s Center of Development. Moving on. That's not the real case.

 It is a good thing that out of nowhere, the fourth estaters were in the limelight and we're noticed. The move provoked by the legislator is just a living proof of how religious is it to be a news man, as religious as engineers, architects, accountants and many more science-oriented, mathematically-inclined and mind-twisting courses.

We all know that everyone can write and in this age, it is really hard to distinguish who of them are genuine and who are not. Many stand to be a part of the newsroom but are they credible enough than those who spent four years to master their craft?

Bloggers, pharmacists, doctor, fashion designers, and even actresses are getting easy to obtain the glory of the byline. Are they worthy enough to endure with these powers?

Executive, legislative and judiciary branch move across a needle hole to have their spot on the pinnacle. How about our petty journalists, the fourth branch and the government’s watchdog? Indeed, an accreditation exam is painless if compared and just a simple pre-requisite to acquire such big, gigantic power, the power of the pen.

Today that the news became an essential stuff in life, newsmakers emit much louder noises, happenings and events to cover growing more brutal, it is the perfect time to rear an accredited press, a sifted set of scribes, a registered fourth estaters, a flock of journalism board passers, and a team of licensed writer that will comprised every newsroom, to gauge a spot on our most coveted dream, to have this piece of small paper ( if there’s any) that will certify our right for the privileges laid by the powers of the press and above all, to have journalism itself embedded as a part of our name, of our line and of our career.

Journalism offers one of the biggest powers a citizen could grasp and an accrediting exam is a sieve that will sift those that will qualify to hold the holiest job: only for the able and for the credible. It is just a matter of who are the fittest ones that can manage to captivate the exhilarating powers of the ink.

The accreditation stuff is of good worth to us. At last, we could attain the distinction that before was never given. We will never be just soon a mere journalism graduate but a journalist; registered and licensed. We must not be afraid whether we will or will not pass it or it is just a devil strategy to deduce our number. In the end, our fate is in our own faith. Let us all together hope to acquire our license for us to enter the door of the newsroom of the next-generation press. I decree and declare that within Pupian journalists, many will be called and all will be chosen.

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