Saturday, November 30, 2013

Longings of Seventeen

I just realized, am now seventeen. I don’t know what is in the number itself, but it made me think, what can this number could bring to me being I am seventeen.
Being seventeen, I’m nearly halfway of my life being a teenager. The freakiest and wildest stage I think (I just don’t know if I will be wilder at my 20’s, 30’s or even older). This is the stage where life less serious. It will always be right to be easy-go-lucky. This is the phase where parent’s patience overflows. And maybe, most of the frankest circumstances that I may encounter in this life are nearly to end being seventeen.
Next year, I’m turning eighteen (legal age) and then 19 and 20. I am near of getting rid of my childish side, going to a more serious chapter of my days. The thinking of how fast years pass terrified me, of how quick I will get older. But should I accept? I’m already seventeen. And before transforming to a serious and workaholic mode, I need to enjoy life and experience this bucket list before teenage dies.
I’m already seventeen and I want a slumber party and an overnight with my college peers. I know my mother, as a conservative folk of the country, is purely resistant of these teenage dreams. But she already permitted me on a camping and to a dormitory, why not for a sleep-over?
I’m already seventeen and I want an adventure. An out-of-town escapade with my friends, I think.
I’m already seventeen and I want the hottest clothes in town. Everyone would have probably liked to wear the shirts worn by their fashion icon.
I’m already seventeen and I want to attend concert and night gigs of my favorite bands live.
I’m already seventeen and I want the coolest gadgets present in the market. Phablet as my priority and primary goal.
I’m already seventeen and I want a much more serious relationship. Inspiration and not for display.
I’m already seventeen and I want a firm circle of friends. Just enough to be called as “tropa”.
I’m already seventeen and I want to have independence over matters such as my schooling.

I’m already seventeen and all I want is to do what I want because I’m afraid that in my next years, I may not want these stuffs as much. Some wishes may sound immature but it was a seventeen speaking.

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