Saturday, November 30, 2013


I’m not into sports, more not into an Olympics. But because of this Journ Festival, I had my first time competing not with my oratorical, verbal, writing and dancing skills but with the athletic side of me. Sound surprising for a person like me but then, I came out of my box.
The game I joined ids the obstacle course challenge. Maybe, it’s one of the hardest games not just because of the hurdles and obstacles itself but because it’s all about testing my physical fitness and I know, I’m not that physically fit. I have a weak cardio-respiratory- endurance.
But they put me there because I have the flexibility of a dancer, the balance, the agility and the confidence. I think I accept the challenge because it sounds exciting.
On that day, the sections are cheering wildly to boost themselves and we, BAJ 1-1D, the Blue Jabbers, never fail to have the wildest cheers.
The obstacle course is that simple as you would just take a look at it scattered in the idle of the oval.
But when it’s our turn, Aah! It’s damn!
First, we ran toward the grazed portion of the grass-covered ground, we rolled over our bodies laterally on the sand. It made me topsy-turvy.
Then we proceeded on the two rows of hollow blocks as hurdles simultaneous with a long, narrow bench where we are going to pass through. With the right concentration, however how tipsy you are, you will never fail there.
After that, is the cliché on every obstacle course, which are the old tires. No more need for further elaboration.
Next are the imaginary barb wires where we crawl under it like crazy because it’s pure imaginary.
After surviving the imaginary obstacle is the “kadang-kadang” walk where we walk by 2’s and by 3’s with some pile of wood with some strings on it.
Then we jumped up the Chinese Garter challenge. I know I made my exhibition perfectly but my twin, Enki, made hers trendy.
The hardest part for me is the balloon popping by the use of a barbeque stick stuck on the mouth. It hurt my mouth very much.
My favorite is the spider’s web. I executed triumphantly my flexibility on passing between small holes of the strings.
To end the challenge is a five turn set of hula-hoop. It’s hard for me.

Cyd, Kai, Kevin, Nep and me did it great with a full time of 10 minutes and 56 seconds. Quite long to beat the champion but most importantly, the experience is great and the body really aches.

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