Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cheers to the Blue Jabbers

In lieu with the Journalism Festival, is the Sport Fest organized by the Journ Guild.
Of course, our section had not failed to have our own set of participant to the Basketball tourney, and I believe they are the department’s dream team.
Alicia and I, made our banner and flag as well. All are set to cheer out loud for our representatives on the battle. Everyone is desirous to cheer our bet. And they cheer it out soulfully.
The first match ids between our sections versus BJ 3-1Dit’s a stiff fight. But yet, we won. Our players showed what they’ve got in the elimination round.
Peter is a real sharp shooter and three-pointer. Patrick is agile and quick. He has the most number of points that made his competitors have a red eye on him. Charles, the tall man. His outstanding physique made it easy for the team to crush their contenders. Arnold, his damn great. Jer, Maouie and Peps, equally showed quick-wittedness. Miko, his mustache always takes it all. The man in tanglaw singlet, he dribbles and shoots fine.
Our dream team made it to the finals but then our contenders find ways to defeat us as they imported some of the greatest players from other team. It was like BAJ 1-1D versus the world.
The first two quarters is real intense, the third is hard core but the fourth is quite disappointing. The team had some continuous mistakes committed and their rival had joyfully used it as their strength. The team loses but not that much.
For us, Blue Jabbers are still great. We still believe. Knowing that we are only first year students and are inexperienced, we had already showed them of how competitive we are and of how coordinated we move.

Cheers to the Blue Jabbers!

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