Saturday, November 30, 2013

We Top the Quiz Bee

Last Tuesday, I was pushed to join the General Information Quiz Bee in celebration of the Journalism Festival. Without due preparation, unlike of what I have done on my previous matches, I decided to team up with Jeremiah and Meynard, my classmates, for the contests.
I never take this deal as a serious matter. I set my mind to just6 to do my best and let him do the rest. I kept cool on my chair as the game had started.
The easy round is not that easy. Questions come from randomly-arranged topics from a wide-range of information. But amazingly, we passed it.
Moving on to the Average round is such an achievement. Jeremiah and I agreed that having our foot on the difficult round is so enough. That’s why e strives hard to jump up to the next round.
And we made it. The elimination is ridiculous. Each round trims the participants fast. The pressure is rising, the tension is tightening.
Every question is like an obstacle course that after we’d passed the last station, we breathe and sigh. On the end, the tension was released after knowing our sure win.
We automatically had been proclaimed as the winner with 9 points for the difficult round, leaving other contenders for their clinching question.

Hurrah! We won and we’re happy.

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