Monday, November 25, 2013

Tropang Likod: an exposé

                        No man is an island, as an old adage suggest. There will always be a circle of friends that will enclose you; a group of individuals that will treat you as their peers and a tropa that will make you feel that you belong.
                        Before, a week after my absence, I never thought I could find this dream tropa since I’m a late-comer in the class. I never thought that I could easily enter an already-established circle in the room. I feel like a black sheep, a loner but then again, no man is an island.
                        God may have pre-destined of which group I must be with, much better than of what I have expected. I never chose this but God had led me to them. The tropa I’ve had been into, my second family, my strength, my joy, my crown… Tropang Likod.
                        I remember the time when my life and these people meet at the junction. It was the day when we are tasked to get our National Library ID and afterwards proceeding to PUP for the Freshmen University Orientation.
                        At first, I observe. They are entirely different from the meek perception I have. They are great, so cool, and vibrant. I feel their aura and I love it.
                        5 months had passed and it is nearly December. Being with these people made my college life more meaningful, a sort of inexplicable feeling I can’t contain due to the gladness I have inside.
And now, I’m overwhelming with pride to share to all the people behind my successes, my inspiration and the set of souls that make me strong. I hereby present my tropa.
To start off, is the front-liner, our flag-bearer, Dianne Sabangan, the most vibrant. Although she comes from an elite family, she is not the kind of maarte and pa-chix. I know from the very start that her bubbliness is of different range, she is young, wild and free (thank you Wiz Khalifa for the adjectives). Even though that she is wild, we never see her as a bad influence (even she made us enter a bar without parent’s consent for just few minutes), but an inspiration of hope not to take life that serious, as she had said, “study hard, pray harder and f*** hardest.” Thank Dianne for her word of wisdom.
If there’s bubbly, there is a dark aura emitting negative radiation in our group. He is Mey-mey, the depressed. I first noticed him as an active student of the class, but most of his recitations are comprised mainly of questions about things we are not ought to think of. Truly, 99% of a man’s problem is self-made. But we love him that way.
Alicia, I know, she do not want to be called that way. And I know she might get upset making the point of her eyebrows as sharp as of her chin. But however, we are somewhat the best buddies in the room. Being her, the leading lady of her own movie interwoven by me during our petty conversations.
Her gummy bear, Charles, is one of my early companions in the class. Though his height is overwhelming, he is a giant, he is deep with his thoughts to the point that it can make me sober due to great laughter.
Busog, she just smiles, like a good conscience, a walking emoticon. She is caring to the point that she warns us to use the sidewalk on keen roads and maybe the first one to scream (silent scream) to signal us from an approaching vehicle.
Gelay, her antagonistic persona is accentuated more by her big, round eyes. She is grade conscious in the right sense. She is studious but not a geek. She has full of complaints to things that seems wrong on her eyes, mostly on those people making petty things and to those that suppressed her right to study. She established her credibility well and that’s nice.
Alex, the lady promdi province. Even she’s a town girl, she adapted well in the life on the city. Aside from her Filipino clock, she is remarkable for her MU-thing with her CommRes fellow.
The next is Cathrine, she really looks like at first, a K-pop star belonging to a known girl group but is deported to the Philippines in her own urge to be a journalist. I love her voice and her organized thing, not letting her papers have folded sides.
Kiya, she is a member of TL, di lang halata. One of my early companions and one of those who shared a lot about her ex’s and her new crush/es. She is known for her vogue poses and her fashionable dresses. I confessed she is one of wandi’s darlings of the crowd.
To follow is our TL boys…
Luigie, the tatay where the whole wandi generation rooted (I’m just a neighbor), is really matured in his ways and his superfluous language reflects his dream to be a journalists or a… teacher?
Next is Maouie, no mistake in spelling his name. His parents probably, just want to put all the vowels in him. He looks nerdy, at first, with his Ninoy Aquino glasses that is his asset. It makes him look more serious. Try imagining him on the 500-peso bill. It may look funny more if he does it with her devilish smile.
Peps, our wholesome and charismatic vice-president. Sometimes chill, more often funny. He is really smart for he is intelligent on how to act on different things. Many say he has the appeal. I agree. His frank thoughts may hurt your feeling primarily because truth really hurts and a Peps said it.
I consider myself as a sampid with this tropa and the people I had discussed earlier are the pioneers. Along the way, we have gathered more people inside our circle, specifically to our TL Boys, DOTA bound them, all.
First in line is Jerjer, one of the brightest in the class. He may not be that expressive but his silence could not hide the brilliance being a high school valedictorian and a winner at the National School Press Conference. His wholesome and crispy.
Next is, Marco. Emo. At first, I thought he is going to punch me whenever I approach him. He has the looks but then is not showy. His personality reflects his music of choice, rock: hard and metallic. But never to be underestimated, he is funny and it is his softer side. He is a fine actor that is the reason why I chose him on several characters on the play.
And can I forgot the Lord of Mustache, Honesto a.k.a. Miko. I know he is the most deserving person to have the superlative forms of adjectives. He is the big man of wandi. If you have problems on love, studies, family, and different aspects of life, don’t underestimate the power and wisdom of Miko’s mustache.
These set of people had influenced my ways. We may have different thoughts, personalities and ways of seeing things, in the middle of the intersection where we’d meet, we are tightly-bonded by a common interest and this is in respond on our longing for a tropa that will guide and support us in times of adversity and shortage in money.
“I love you and long to see you my dear friends, for you are my joy and the crown I receive for my work”

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