Saturday, November 30, 2013

Knowing their Impressions

Last Tuesday, in our class of Communication, Society and Development with Mr. Felix Cabahug, we had done an activity that may sound as a cliché or “korni”, but made me realize that it has it certain significance. Now I know of how they look at me as they write n my paper the impression that they had see.
We had an activity where we go on circle and have our paper that will run through the perimeter where they will write their first and last impression.
The first impression can be fine because it is what they see in their first time seeing me but have I maintained this to their last impression? Are their impressions negative or positive? Have they found me as a good person?
One found me snobbish before, a sort of antipatiko character, mataray, suplado but in their last impression, they replaced it with good, kalog, cool. I know myself well, I’m not relay snob but I do look like that but not really in person.
Another found me quirky in the very first place but then see me nice.
Two of the respondents wrote that I do look like a gay but in the latter part proved I’m not. True, for most. I may move that soft but I’m hard. Promise, it’s hard.
Another two in my very first day had seen me that grade conscious already. Not that early! But in the left side, the one put adjectives like diligent and friendly and the filthy word “kalog”. I know that’s positive, I just don’t want the term.
A number of people see me in my fresh days as a nice person and put as a counter-part on the right side, intelligent and friendly. They just see the broader and deeper sense of me being nice. I’m glad I proved it well and not gaining the negative side or even frustrations from them. It just shows that I upgraded and not degraded throughout our 5 months.
Another one with the red ink puts that she had seen nothing from me before but found me cute. Well. Well. Well.
A couple made my first impression right as they write silent-type. One had given a last impression of me being good but the latter see me the same. As if I’m a silent freak!
Five consecutive students concluded upon first knowing me that I’m shy-type. Well that’s what I really want to show in my first days, to look like a loner. But then, coupled it with much vibrant adjectives such as very reliable, smart, intelligent, supermabait and the one who breaks it, maingay, I know my voice’s pitch. He/she is just honest.
Another couple sees me smart already but later found me as a good person and grade conscious. I wish being GC is not that bad.
 The best 3 impressions are as follows:
One from Erin, she first see me silent-type and an observer, but later found me as a leader, a dancer and smart.
Next to the countdown is Lester that had said from the very beginning, he saw me sosyal and bongga (somewhat big adjectives) and ended it with words, great and intelligent for his last impression.
And the topmost of all is the one from Marco, I just like the term used. He wrote that before I was mabait and tahimik but after, I am just an EXPONENTIAL OF MY FIRST IMPRESSION. How overwhelming! I love it.

I thank all of the respondents and it inspire me more because now, I know that I’m doing fine but then, I will strive harder to build up my personality not just to please you all but for my own sake, as I build up my credibility as one of the country’s finest journalist.

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