Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Youth of Today

“Youth is generalized as the wild, violent, and lackadaisical portion of the society”.

This is Peps’ introduction on his presentation entitled, “Identity of Youth in different Perspectives”.

My inner self wants to ravage against the thought. I, as a part of the younger generation, disapprove with the way the populace looks to us. It seems like we are perceive as rebels hard to be accepted and is just tolerated patiently by the older folks.

The youth are ones thought as the fair hope of this fatherland and I gladly thank Jose Rizal and his fellows in today’s time who are steadfast on believing that there is something to long for from us.

Though I know that some of our adolescents are wildly engage on stuffs such as premarital sex, crimes, drug addiction, thugs and turf wars, and different unfathomable activities, still, they are just a few but most are still busily scribbling their way to success, flaming up their thoughts and advocacies to engage on the much serious issues of the elderlies and above all, studying hard to fulfill the ideals and aspirations of the nation.

After his talk, I just felt quite cognizant on how other people might think of me as an individual. Are they perceiving me as one of those hopeless young, wild and frees, or those who walk against such flow and live this young, must- carefree days with due diligence in preparation for a fruitful future?

In our youthful days, there are many trends and popular pops that many teens want to engage to. In some point of our life, we forget the goal we are set into just to make ourselves feel the belongingness with the major clad.

In order to be “in” with what’s trending, there is this mask we wear to pretend to be a person whom we think is much acceptable to the society. We thought that they will like us more if we are the ideal person that they will admire, but still is not really our unique identity.

When the presentation asked, I remember, are we going to go with the flow or against it?

I doubt for a second.

It’s quite hard, but I don’t really think that we need to abandon the flow because I deemed to accept that we have this ‘social need’. What’s important is to choose the socialization that is appropriate for us, that is beneficial for our being; the socialization that will accept and respect our true identity, even without the mask worn on our face.

We don’t actually need to be the darling of the crowd, a party animal, a drunkard, a famous personality, a cigar man, or that wild, easy- go- lucky man to be accepted. With just being who we are, there is definitely a circle of friends predestined for us whom we don’t need to pretend and hide behind a mask.

Asking myself, who am really I in the rear of that veil?

As what Peps had said, it is not on the very achievement we gain, not on every thought on how others perceive about us, not on the way we want us to be but on how the one who created us want us to be identified.

And that is being the son of Him, made by Him and for Him.

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