Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Power of the People

Finally, the last communication journal to scribble!

Though I know that I’m well capable enough to write whenever I need or whenever my demon whispers behind my inner god of doing so, writing is still a boring activity and writers are naturally born lazy. So, what a perfect combination!

10: 30 a.m.

Everyone seems so busy, trying to be part of those blessed person that could have this special privilege to present their work before the LCD projector.They queue up for their turn. In the back of my mind, I’m lucky that I had already presented my work, that all I need to do right now is just to relax and lounge, feed my eyes with everything that will be served to us.

One by one, like any other days with our visual journalism class, presenters made it impressing as they introduce the product of their own hardships before protruding their finger to start their own show.

12: 00 p.m.

Another session ended. I’m searching for my thoughts as I walk out of room MC203. Thinking of what had sunk in to my ganglias for today’s continuous bombardment of myriads of information. Yes, I think I’m battered.

But after a blink of my eye, I’m quite enlightened. There’s a swift flash of memory that reinvigorates my heart beat. There is a flash of hope, thank God! I have something to share for my last communication journal.

The Power of the People

In the beginning, God had already ordered humanity to supervise among all things that He had created. Together with this responsibility is a privilege that every human share and this is the superiority and power that is exclusive only to the mighty race of the thinking animals.

The video that was presented by Roselle marked me a lot. I imagine myself as the one who walks like the king, the supreme supervisor, the can- do- all- things man, that on his very journey in life, do nothing but to unleash the greatness of earth for his own pleasure, use the power being given by the one who created him just to satisfy his cravings, to ease all his life undertakings, and to find comfort out of everything not thinking whatever consequence he may face afterwards.

At the rear end of the journey of that stick man used in that life- changing infographics, all he has is a throne over the tip of the mountain of rubbish and junks, the product of his selfish wastage all throughout his life.

This just shows that we could not always be the king of our own universe. There will always be a limit for everything. There is no absolute freedom, that is why for every privilege comes along with due responsibility.

Our fate is in our own faith. We must always submit ourselves with the one who send us here, the one who gave us this divine chore to supervise the world. Knowing that someday in our lives we are going to be judge according to what we had accomplished.

Finally, I finished the last entry for this journal. Mission accomplished.