Sunday, August 10, 2014

Beauty in Men


It is a truth that perception of beauty in humans is so feminist. Whenever we get to talk about beauty and all its facets, we always first assume of women and their tantalizing eyes. But how about the race of men? Could they not be beautiful?

If there is this feminine beauty, there must also be this masculine beauty.

However, I have no personal hatred with Angela Casco, the presenter of the infographics entitled “Beauty in Women”, for being one-sided and more focused on the part of the female race. She’s my friend and I deeply understand if she quite became bias from that point, after all, it’s her privilege.

Being born as a male, like females, we also have this awareness on how others might perceive us base on the way we look. We are also conscious on the effect of a single pimple, the unruliness of our hair, growth of unwanted beards, and /or even on some sort of vanity and personal hygiene.

Though man have much fewer concerns on beauty than female, much fewer take on fashion and styling; it seems like man, in respect with women, have much more confidence in showing off their manly beauty and even boasting it.

Based on Angela’s presentation, as shown by the social experiment executed by a private company, female sees themselves lesser in quality compared to what they actually appear in reality.

In relation to their weak nature, they have lesser confidence with themselves, in other words, they are much concentrating on their imperfections rather than their best assets.

Lately, my attention was caught by another meme posted by one of PUP’s university humor page, PUP Memes, were a fantasy and reality was merged in an edited photograph.

The meme is consisted of two- picture split in mirrors: one which is a hot, sexy, beefy, good- looking hunk posing like Johnny Bravo which represents every man’s fantasy; while the other is a thin, dark, short, bad- looking guy posing the same as the opposite portion, which obviously symbolizes the reality.

That meme just show on how males are pre-occupied by the thought that we look good despite of imperfections. Unlike females, man focuses on their best assets rather than those impurities that even though how evident or distracting to other people, seems like unnoticed.

Though females all have this thought of improving their beauty but in reality, just few of them possess the required courage to utilize and show it off. Males, though lacking in aesthetic necessities, have this guts to have a fashion hair- cut, wear things a la mode, and proudly flaunt it.

Gentlemen, being dominant in nature, have this perception of beauty among other, that based on Angela’s report, is lacking on women. This is the beauty not on what others actually see but on how you see yourself as a beautiful creature as it is.

Men are also beautiful, in fact, much beautiful than women.

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