Friday, August 1, 2014

A Time travel around Three Generations

The three presenters made us wander across different time space. Yesterday, today and tomorrow collided in one day of discovery and learning in Visual journalism.


We learn from our past experiences; that is the main purpose of history. Of what we have today are products of continuous refining and sifting throughout our glorious story. One of the main events in world history that could have taught one of the most unforgettable lessons in every people of the planet is the horrific age of holocaust.

Adolf Hitler’s dream is a nightmare for the race of the ancient Jewish people. The vast mass killing is indeed a very barbaric stuff in our time. But without the holocaust and those people who offer their lives, the world may not have been awakened on the essence of equality among races and the relevance of peace and unity for developmental progress among intercultural nations.

The most important point is that holocaust is now a part of history. And when history inevitably repeats itself, we now know and now better equipped with the proper procedures to execute from what we have learned from the past.


The advancement of media platforms correlates to the high exposure of people to different information. Kids do even saturated themselves on toddler- oriented programs such as animes and cartoons.
And through an expository type of presentation, the reporter bared off the negative effects of those fancy shows to their young minds. It’s quite surprising that those kiddie programs which ones had been part of our childhood have bad implications to our present attitudes.

The youth, which Rizal considers as the fair hope of our fatherland, is in danger of growing not uprightly because of these stuffs. We, therefore, need to take concentration on their viewing habits and refocus them on much more essential elements for their growth.


We never know what the future holds but there will always be a future we can hope for. And the hope we ever long for are the youth that would eventually dominate the country beyond the horizon.

The question that keeps on resounding behind my ears is that whether this generation could gratify the expectations of the people in their future subordinate.

First, I feel doubt upon thinking of those adolescents who, in their early age, are already engaged with crime and activities below moral standards.

But their number compared to those who prove themselves worthy fires up my belief that there is a bright tomorrow that waits.

I’m confident that being a part of this future in the making, the people have something big to expect from us. Upon watching the said documentary, the fire inside of me was stirred up and was reminding me that I’m playing a vital role in this country, that I shall do my best to satisfy everyone’s vision.

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