Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It’s High Time for QC

The Script, Incubus, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Train, All Time Low, Super Junior, Taylor Swift and even NBA Stars had made to set foot here in the country and had even proliferated noise by posters shouting out that they had been live here in Manila. But where is their real Manila?
Smart Araneta Coliseum had almost staged most of the country’s remarkable concerts. It had already established itself as the center for most of the much- awaited events in our history. Its center stage had already served as a cradle of world-class entertainments and of the finest of all the arts here in the Philippines.
Famous celebrities, sport athletes, orchestras, hardcore bands, dramatic operas and many other more personalities who mainly deserve its hot-melting spotlight had set their own foot in there. The big dome located in one of the country’s busiest center point may have set itself as a landmark no one could ever deny.
But one may have not notice that promotional ads and posters posted every time there is an event to wait for promoted a different place to where it was actually conducted. Printed in bold type- faced stated “Live in Manila” but the fact was that the event will be held in Smart Araneta Coliseum located in the highly-urbanized place of Quezon City.
With QC’s mission through its executive chief, Mayor Herbert Bautista, to uplift the city’s status as an “ideal place for such events and in line with the city’s efforts to promote QC as an important tourist destination,” its legislative council finally approved a measure that will penalize producers and organizers who fail to use the phrase “Live in Quezon City, Philippine/ Live in Quezon City, Metro Manila” as a surrogate other than the old practice, obviously wrong cliché, with a fine of P 5, 000.
The measure authored by sixth district Councilor Roger Juan wasn’t yet signed by the City Mayor but the author assured that the fines collected will be directed for the perpetuation of the city’s tourism programs.
With the said measure, the city’s efforts will never be put in vain as they uplift the name of Quezon City in mainstream, sharing the limelight with top personalities, concerts, events and other exhibitions.

It’s high time for the city now that it is live in QC.

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