Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How desperate they are!

2016 Presidential Election may would be an exciting round for the battle in a stadium of popularity and credibility as critiqued by the nation led by wider mass. The election two years from now is expected to be the country’s most awaited event of the year being the Asia’s cradle of democracy, the hammock who kept us rocked through the years of stability and independence.
Two years is such a long span of time but in their thrive to got the most-coveted seat of presidency and other office positions, these highly-desperate aspiring candidates to be, since they are not yet official without the filing of candidacy, are noisily campaigning that early primarily on provinces.
It was really a vibrant reality in our country’s political set-up is the existence of this people who take advantage on their power and wealth to promulgate their fame and to obliviously win the hearts of the people who will put them on the place they desire.
It’s a nice tactic to execute their campaigns in this time that however how huge the amount they release there will be no COMELEC to check and snoop on their finances because of the fact that campaign period is still not in.
Another is the cost-effectiveness of doing such since the period allotted by the law would be not enough to permeate their names throughout the archipelago.
These aspirants may have this earnest desire to serve the country but doing such stuffs just prove on how much they can take advantage on any other persons, just like on what they are now doing to their other future opponents. They are evidently playing dirty with the game.
Politics was often quoted as a dirty stuff of the state but what really make mess of it are those wild animals that constitute this vast jungle.
It is true; Man is by nature a political animal, as Aristotle quoted. But the person I had featured in this article could be the wild boar who thinks he could be the lion who is the king of the jungle, but he can never.

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