Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DOTA vs. own grandma

A 17- year- old boy would have needed to choose whether to quit DOTA or quit on having a grandma.
After being scolded and interrupted from playing a mainstream computer game, Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), a teenager chose to shut his own grandma to death rather than to turn off the computer and obey his granny.
It was around 6 pm at Batasan Hills, Quezon City when a worried grandmother, 68, fetched his grandson in a computer shop nearby their house. Upon returning home, the youngster was scolded and suddenly busted with anger resulting to an unconscious attack.
The old woman died on the spot due to serious wounds sustained in the head, chest, neck and arms.
The young boy, having no idea on what to do next, cleaned all the evidences of the crime and went to his aunt in Pantranco to seek help.
The boy and his aunt returned to the scene of the crime and the latter mightily sought assistance from the barangay officials and police operatives saying that the victim lived alone with lad.
She added that the youngster, who came from a broken family, was always scolded by the elderly.
Based on investigation, blood-stained ceramics obtained from a trash bin in the front yard appeared to be the deadly weapon used by the boy to kill his own granny.
He may have chose to quit living with a rude grandmother, he may have also quit the former having been turned over to the custody of social workers.

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