Friday, August 16, 2013

MARC ACE : defined

God never committed a mistake in His process of creating Humans. But in contrast of that truth, we often insist that nobody is perfect. This may sound confusing. However, the being that will be featured in this essay may not be the ideal, or the perfect, but one thing is for sure, God made him great.

M- an of 5 ft. I know God never lacks of materials in building my physique. Yes, I’m short, is that a big deal? Small are terrible, as an old adage suggest, but let’s face the reality, I’m always underestimated. They just don’t know how huge the giant existing inside of me is.

A-ce of the crowd. As a citizen of the country, a resident of Valenzuela and now a student of P.U.P., I will never stop exercising my gift of shepherding. Leading them as a leader designed like a servant.

Me, Myself and I
R- izal’s son- In Bob Ong’s taxonomy of students, I can classify myself in this category. He said, “ they are endangered species, straight “A” students, but well- rounded not geeks, teacher’s pets but are not suckers, king of math, science and English ( omit the math) but never lacks time on extra-curricular activities and some sort of gimmicks” [translated].

C-hristian faith- based. As an individual, I make sure I will not chase from God the pen as He writes my auto-biography. I really enjoy portraying the role of Marc Ace and His passion really delights me.

A-chiever., I really desire to fulfill many things but the longest term of all my goals is to be a broadcast journalist. Honestly, my first plans is to be a student of Broadcast Communication, but because of the major twist given by PUP’s deadly slot cut-offs, I was redirected in this program. However, they sound parallel. I have no more choices, God has written.

C-amaraderie and peer collector. The best citation I treasure is the “Most Sociable” award, I consider it better than numerous academic and extra-curricular awards I had received.

E-xcellent. I see myself as an asset of excellence in the field of broadcast journalism. I will never stop learning and will continue committing my life with my wife, my pen and in my another woman, my skills.

This acrostic sounds so very traditional but this just show how I define myself as God sees me, and of how this name will mark an ace in the industry of journalism.

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