Monday, September 30, 2013

Communication campaign

Task Force: S.E.L.F.I.E.
(Social Enthusiasts Longing for Improvement in Environment)

A Communication Campaign submitted to
Mrs. Lailanie G. Teves
In partial fulfillment of the
Requirements in Introduction to Communication

Submitted By:

Marc Ace B. Palaganas
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, 1-1D
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

I. Rationale:
            In today’s increasing problem in regards of climate change, we are in this crucial moment of how can we save our continuously depreciating environment. Mother Nature’s beauty is degrading unstoppably because of our own careless deeds. Many disastrous events-causing-traumas, climate change grouches and many more unfavorable consequences we are facing because of our own destructive activities. Many lives and properties were lost and still counting. Are we going to wait for much more life-threatening catastrophes and let our home be destroyed in correspond of our own work? Are we going to not to do anything to rehabilitate our very own habitat?
           Task Force: S.E.L.F.I.E. (Social Enthusiasts Longing for Improvement in Environment) is a communication campaign calling for “netizens” (cyber citizens) to make their own “selfie” of themselves not just featuring their faces but as of how they can contribute in reviving our environment.
          Selfie, as a worldwide trend, is a good material for a campaign. The fact of having myriads of people getting involved in this craze, a larger audience, wider public and a more diverse mass to influence. Social networking sites is one of the best venue for such environmental campaign and together with the strategic assimilation with a trending fad, which is the making use of “selfie” photography, plus the medium itself as the fastest t way of disseminating information, I concluded, this campaign is quite effective.
           Using social media to captivate a bigger scope of audience can make a wider change towards environmental improvement. This strategy make use of a younger and much more enthusiastic generation (that comprises most of social media subscribers), towards environmental growth.
          A facebook page will be made, and from there starts promotion by advertisement campaign, and acceptance of entries of “selfie” photos of participants while doing an environmental work. A photo exhibit will be done to showcase all entries and an awarding for the best “selfie” shot.
          This campaign will certify of how many people are still caring for their environment in their simplest ways and of how many ways a person can do to save thy environment. It will also further showcase the creativity of every netizens in making their “selfie”.
          In a wider whole, it plans to make a bigger cyber society centered for loving Mother Nature and their “selfie" as well.

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