Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Time of my Life

After weeks of grueling toils, sleepless nights, and restless days, I had finally presented my audio- visual presentation for our Visual Journalism class.

It had been several meeting with Professor Cabahug that was postponed before I finally have my turn to present my work before the LCD projector. After a very long time of prolonging the agony, I’d finally blow out my deep sigh of relief upon flashing my 11 – minute and 37- second documentary.

Indeed, I had been waiting for this time to occur for a very long period. And after my long wait, I successfully premiered my short visual film, the very time I supposed as the time of my life.

My knees are tottering, my heart seems like exploding as it punch against my chest, and all the joints across my body weakened to the very point I click the “play” button on the laptop. My back searched for the nearest wall to support my body from stumbling.
I just can’t move my eyes from the wide screen.

My short informative presentation tackles the glimpse of the future that awaits the industry of journalism. I deemed to clarify on the truth of the prophecy on the extinction of newspapers wherein I settled on the thought that newspapers could be dinosaurs, but then again, dinosaurs walk the earth for millions of years.

 But aside from the fact that newspapers will prevail in the next decades, I made it interesting to showcase the different media that will eventually come out due to the current media revolution.

After all, I ended up on presenting spills and interviews from journalism students on which represent the real future that will comprise every pillars of the industry.

I made a hard time to edit it this video out but with due patience and determination, I settled down with a good- for- beginners output.

A few minutes later, I just hear loud tampering clicks from joyous claps resounding on every corner of Room 203. Then it come endless laughs on my documentary’s climax.

I’m glad that I made them think deeply, learn adequately, realize consequently and laugh unstoppably from my presentation.

The glorious time of my life ended with a round of applause suggesting my work is indeed a mission accomplished.

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